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Bathroom remodel near me: Trends in 2023 for you.

Bathroom remodel near me: Trends in 2023 for you.

Do you need the top “Bathroom remodel in Plano, Tx“? If so, you’re undoubtedly searching your local area for the top bathroom renovation companies.

You need not worry if you’re considering modernizing your bathroom with the newest makeover styles; we’ve got you covered.

The best bathroom remodeling trends for 2023 are listed below for your reference.

  • Adaptive Design

One of the most carefully thought-out home improvement components is making your bathroom convenient and accessible.

Accessible bathroom design is prominent in your bathroom, with features like floating vanities, high toilets, and grab bars in shower stalls.

Always keep your loved one who has difficulty using the standard bathroom in mind, even if you are not in any way impaired or handicapped. Consider your elderly parents who are still having trouble using the bathroom and work to improve their experience.

  • Wood –Look-Alike Tile

One of the busiest areas of your home that needs extra care is the flooring in the bathroom. However, choosing the wrong bathroom flooring could put your safety in danger and cost you more money.

For example, choosing natural wood flooring could result in warping, which could add to the cost of flooring replacement, while choosing non-textured tile flooring could turn your bathroom into a death trap.

However, if you choose a wood-like tile for your bathroom, you may still enjoy the warm, elegant appeal of wood flooring.

  • Go with the Matte Black Hardware

Gold and silver fall short in hardware, let alone matching the matte black’s timeless appeal.

Every bathroom design you choose looks amazing with the matte black finish because it is neutral and shiny-free.

Matte black adds a glossy, finished touch to any bathroom, whether it has a rustic or modern design.

Kingdom Floor and Bathroom Remodel Plano, Texas, has you covered if you need help with bathroom to remodel design or are seeking the best bathroom remodel close to where you are.

  • Floating vanities

With enough room remaining below the floating vanity to provide the illusion of more space, the flooring will continue up the wall.

You may have a clean, organized bathroom with plenty of space without increasing the size of your bathroom by using storage cabinets, reach-in closets, and other vanities. That’s not all, though. You can easily clean your bathroom when your vanity is mounted on the wall.

Our bathroom remodels in Plano, Texas, experts can help you realize your dream of having a floating bathroom vanity if you’re still determining what it will take or how to do it.

  • Floor-to-ceiling

There are numerous benefits to choosing tiles for a bathroom. Tiles provide the ideal floor for your bathroom due to their water resistance, ease of cleaning, and extended lifespan.

No regulation states that tiles should only be used on the floor and possibly on the lower portion of the bathroom wall, though. So, yes, you can install your preferred tiles on both the floor and the ceiling.

Sounds odd, right? In no way!

Thanks to the opulent treatment, your bathroom will have a clean, coordinated look. White or hexagonal tiles can provide some distinctive design and give the crowded space a classic appeal.

You can also utilize the hexagonal tiles on the floor if you are okay with it.

You can make a subtle connection throughout your home by using the hexagonal tiles in the kitchen as well.


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