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Go For These Five Types of Affordable Flooring for Remodelling

Go For These Five Types of Affordable Flooring for Remodelling

Nowadays, it is common to have a tight budget for making upgrades to the home, especially for flooring and remodeling. Small changes can be introduced in a home in the form of coloring, changing wallpaper designs, or restating the furniture.

However, a noticeable change can be brought to an existing home by replacing the floor. Floor remodeling is an expensive affair and can eat up a major chunk of the budget. But worry no more; there are tons of affordable flooring and remodeling options available.

Traditional Hardwood flooring is a costly affair, where the pricing can reach up to USD 6 to USD 12 per square foot. Besides, the cost of floor remodeling changes depending on the location. For example, homeowners staying in New York have to pay 20 to 40 percent more on the same project compared to someone looking for affordable flooring and remodeling in Plano.

Various flooring options can fit into affordable price points. A little bit of research can help homeowners find the best affordable flooring option. Here are some of the cheapest flooring options which can be a bang for the buck.

Vinyl Flooring

Yes, luxury Vinyl tiles are expensive. However, there are tons of inexpensive alternative floor remodeling options. The cost of regular Vinyl flooring can be as low as USD 0.50 per square foot.

But there is a little design limit, and products bought at low cost might not be as durable as luxury vinyl flooring. But it is more than sufficient to fulfill the flooring requirements. Low-cost vinyl flooring has additional benefits. It is very easy to install, and the process can be done by basic laborers.

Vinyl flooring offers an average of 8-12 years, after which it has to be replaced to maintain the performance of the flooring.


Linoleum is the most popular low-maintenance flooring option, and it is produced from linseed oil. It costs more than Vinyl and is priced at USD 2 a square foot, and can go up to USD 5.

But on the bright side, Linoleum has a longer lifespan than Vinyl. Manufacturers provide a warranty of 20 to 30 years, which significantly cuts the cost of removal and replacement of the flooring.

Concrete Treatment

The cheapest flooring available might already be available on the subfloor beneath the surface covering. The concrete surface usually faces the surface of the foundation slab.

Concrete flooring is rough, durable, and powerful material that is inexpensive, with various decorative methods. It is possible to add color, hue, and patterns that can imitate the looks of natural stone.

Brick Pavers

Brick is evergreen, widely available, and the cheapest hard tile flooring and remodeling option. Bricks are manufactured from clay and sediments in kilns. The bricks are sold in thin squares known as pavers.

The cost drastically reduces and costs around USD 0.50 per square foot. Any affordable flooring and remodeling contractors can help to establish brick paver flooring.

Lamination Flooring

Lamination shares a sliver of natural wood which is found on each piece. A clear wear layer protects the flooring and prevents any staining or graining. It can create the illusion of having expensive flooring.

Laminated flooring easily resembles expensive hardwood material at a fractional cost. The floorings are easy to maintain. Especially a wet cloth is enough to clean the surface, thanks to the thin film layer on the surface. However, it does not rule out the chance of degrading over time. The average lifespan of lamination flooring is about 10 years.

Carpet Tiles

It is comfortable, easy to install, and is among the most affordable flooring and remodeling options available in the market. Carpet tile has the ability to easily transform any home environment. The carpet tiles are available at a low price of USD 0.50 per square foot.

The carpet tiles can be easily installed and save a good amount of labor. The tiles can create a lush, warm, welcoming environment in the room where they are installed. Carpet tiles are best suited for temporary use in areas like bathrooms, playrooms, and bedroom settings.

Luxury Cork

If a unique flooring option is desired, cork is a perfect choice, as it won’t break easily. The cork is available at USD 1.50 and USD 4 per square foot. The pricing is moderate, and it can be easily installed.

The look which can be achieved is rich and natural. The feel is tactile, and it can elevate the essence of the environment.


Affordable flooring is a good option when a temporary change for the flooring is needed. However, it does not compromise the look, feel, and durability. Having the right pricing of the flooring remodeling, it can last up to 10 years. Hence, affordable flooring options can be a game-changer if used for the right purpose. 

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