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A brief about fireplace remodeling and its design trend?

A brief about fireplace remodeling and its design trend?

Home remodeling flourished during the COVID stay-at-home period, and some very different fireplace design patterns emerged. The delayed improvements were now given immediate attention. People who work from home (in part) lost interest in their open-concept houses. The #1 wish on the list was for more hospitable home entertainment spaces.

The way we use our living spaces has changed forever, even while the world returns to a state that is somewhat resembling normal. The need to upgrade our living and working environments is still on the rise as a necessity rather than a luxury.

The fireplace remodeling is frequently the most imposing feature in any space when it is present. However, as remodeling expert Kingdom floor and remodeling reminds out, our eyes are inevitably pulled to the darkest object in space. Size and material abundance are frequent considerations. That is frequently the firebox when it is not lighted.

Naturally, you want this component and its surroundings to blend in with the rest of your house. This cannot be easy in many older homes with common brick fireplaces. How do you behave? Cover it, paint it, or pull it out? Consider the following.

Remodeling a fireplace wall 

Replacing a fireplace remodeling wall is primarily a cosmetic decision, but in addition to making you happy today, a renovated fireplace may also increase the value of your home in the future.

If the task requires more than just drywalling or plastering, it is advised to choose someone with extensive expertise in rebuilding fireplaces.

The most common fireplaces to replace are brick fireplaces. The contractor advises leaving the exposed brick for the firebox and merely wrapping the masonry with either tile or wood. It’s one of the least expensive updates with a more modern appearance. And in case a future home buyer likes brick, the brick will stay below the new material.

AFTER: The stone tile creates a dramatic effect by running wall to wall. The home’s living room’s mood was completely altered.

In order to provide a blank canvas on which to do pretty much anything, you may choose to plaster or drywall over the brick.

Another choice is to paint. You may doesn’t like the painted brick’s appearance, but it was a relatively inexpensive upgrade that can be modified.

Design Trend: 

Small-footprint fireplaces have become a popular alternative as square footage has become more of a premium, and people’s desire to downsize has increased. Smaller dwellings have smaller rooms, necessitating a thinner structure and a smaller firebox. RVs, compact dwellings, townhouses, and condominiums. The desire for a fireplace persists no matter how small a space becomes.

Over the past two years, home entertainment has also seen a significant transformation. Both the average TV and fireplace sizes have increased significantly in recent years. Since it’s become usual to position a TV above a fireplace, the new, extra-large screen will require an equally enormous fireplace to accommodate it.

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