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Types Of Floors You Need To Know About

Types Of Floors You Need To Know About

While we spend hours deciding which wall color we need, it would be better if we pay a little attention to the flooring. Flooring when done right is going to stick there, for years to come! Since you have been looking for the best flooring shop in Plano, TX, we thought to give you an insight into the types of floors your home deserves. Home renovation in Plano, TX can cost you big bucks. We do not want you to be spending irresponsibly on flooring. Go through the types mentioned below and decide which suits your place and pocket the best.

Material-Wise Classification of Floors

The daunting task of choosing the best floor for your home won’t be tedious anymore. The list tells you about the worldwide trendy floors that are a great pick-up. Let’s get started.

  • Hardwood: Nothing complements the neutral shades in your home as much as these do. Hardwood Floors have been in trend, and will definitely be sustaining their supremacy in the coming years. Ask any flooring shop in Plano, TX, they would definitely recommend wooden floors to match your neutral shades. The furniture over it looks the utmost classy. Tip: Do take the humidity factor into consideration.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl has slowly become the favorite for people and flooring stores in Plano, TX. Architects find this a suitable option that reflects the style of both wooden and stone floors. If you have pets running around the abode every time, you must go for this flooring type. This pet-friendly floor is a sound-absorbent, warm, and pocket-friendly choice. Know where to get this? Log in to Kingdom Flooring & Remodeling.
  • Vitrified Tiles: Similar to ceramic tiles, the vitrified come in a variety of patterns that just uplift the whole décor of your place. Easy to buy, install, and clean, this flooring option has got to be present in your home especially in the living room. Cabinets, furniture, and even bean bags look tremendously well sitting over it. They may cost you a little more due to the vitrification process and clay installation.
  • Marble: If you are looking for a forever flooring material, there is nothing better than this right here. Marble Flooring is timeless, flawless, authentic, and an ever-suiting option for homeowners. Gone are the days when there were limited designs pertaining to marble flooring. Now we have a bunch of these. Ask a service offering home improvement in Plano, and get to know all about this flooring type.
  • Concrete Mix: Though this flooring is not renowned and has gone back to the old days, it still hasn’t lost its uniqueness. This flooring type is easy on the budget and offers a lifelong choice to homeowners. A rough finish is observed upon completion. Suitable for both interior and exterior, a concrete mix is a genuine option if you want a sturdy cost-saver for your home.

We Have The Best Floors

We, at Kingdom Flooring & Remodeling, offer you quality beyond your expectation. Being a home improvement service in Plano, we sought to deliver excellence in every way we can. Visit us and get the best flooring for your home.

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