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Nothing Matches The Features Of A Granite Countertop

Nothing Matches The Features Of A Granite Countertop

If granite has landed on your wishlist for remodeling your kitchen countertop, then you should probably go for it. Kitchen with granite countertops has long been in existence and carry an aesthetic look. Not to mention the sustainability that these carry. Some do opt for marble kitchen countertops, which is also a good option if proper sealing is put in place. When you get your living room renovated, you think about your guest entering and appreciating the look. But when you look at kitchen countertop remodeling, you think of having the maximum benefits to yourself. The first person to appreciate the remodeled outlook is yourself and the last one to make use of it is you only!

Is granite an optimal choice for your kitchen’s countertop?

The guideline to get a countertop in the kitchen isn’t similar to any other tabletop that has been anywhere else in the house. For the kitchen, it requires analyzing the temperature resistance, strength, any harmful effects of toxicity of any kind. Hence, you need to evaluate every single option before picking up the best alternative. Here’s what you get when you opt for granite:

  • Heat Resistant: These countertops offer you a terrific heat resistance quality. Just take the hot pan out of the microwave and put it directly on the countertop. Although it is advised to use a trivet for appliances that stay hot for extended periods, it poses no problem for a granite countertop.
  • Scratchproof: You don’t get to witness any cracks or scratches in the kitchen with granite countertops. Very few minerals provide harm to the surface.
  • Sustainability: Since granite is one material that emits no harmful gases, provides no harm to mother nature, and is renewable, it makes its place in the green movement. Industries have adopted new policies and are taking the necessary measures to regulate the use of such minerals present on the planet.
  • Durability: Granite lasts a lifetime! If there is one material that stays intact whenever you go for a kitchen countertop remodeling, it is granite! Along with such advantages, it also provides a unique design and complements the cabinets. You often see kids scratching walls, tiles or tabletops with any object but this makes no impact on granite. Hence, you don’t have to stress over its durability.
  • No cleaning-hassle: Since granite countertops carry the option of getting infused with under-mount sinks, they provide easy cleaning. This allows wiping any crumbs present on the surface directly into the sink and without getting stuck into the edges. Cast iron, stainless steel, or any solid surface goes well with the granite.
  • Repairing: The robust surface offers stability and resistance to pressure and temperature. It’s hard to get you’re the top scratched but if you do, please make sure you get an expert in. This is not any DIY project. It requires detailed knowledge and precision to fix any errors that may arise. These can be seen having matching epoxies to cover any voids.
  • Natural Material: In the world where people are going back to having organic food at their plate, why not keep that plate over an organic substance? The reduction of any chemical exposure or stains by way of granite countertops has proven beneficial to health. Extracted directly from the ground, the quarry is directly cut into slabs and installed inside the place.
  • Exquisite Options: Marble Kitchen Countertops, granite table tops are few of the finest materials offered in the market that carry so many features. Although remodeling has climbed up many stairs, there is no alternative to such evergreen options. A truly unique and exotic quarry can be expected when you reach the store or surf online.
  • Maintenance: It is considered relatively low in maintenance as compared to other new models. The probability of it being damaged or defected by external factors is relatively low. Hence, it requires no regular visits by professionals. Just a cue tip- Do ask the installer about the sealer used. The sealing usually gets distorted if not done correctly.

Does it land on the costlier side?

The cost depends on how much value does it add to your household and how frequently a substance demands servicing. Getting in a new countertop at a little amount would do no good if it regularly acquires servicing costs. Hence, granite holds worth of every single penny spent on it.

Kitchen countertops remodeling has never been such flexible and unique before. Please make sure you invest your money in the right end.

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