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How To Protect Flooring From Indoor Plants As Per Flooring Contractors In Plano TX?

How To Protect Flooring From Indoor Plants As Per Flooring Contractors In Plano TX?

For many of us, our house doesn’t feel like home until we have our favorite plants in our indoors and outdoors. Where outdoor plants stay outside your home in all weathers, there are indoor plants that stay inside your home like it’s their own. After all, they are low-maintenance pets that are so good that having them is not less than any blessing. They don’t throw attitude as your cat would have, neither do they rub their bellies on the floor mats as your dog does.

But flooring contractors in Plano TX believe that they can still be quite messy. When your plants get messy, it is your floor that suffers the most. Need not mention, you will have to take care of your floor and your plants equally so that both of them can serve their purposes well. So, here we are with a few tips that will help you in protecting your flooring from indoor plants as per the expert flooring contractors in Plano TX.

  • Keep them Happy
    When you are looking for the right pots for your leafy friends, consider getting un-glazed terracotta clay pots that are good for your plants in all ways. They have a hole at the bottom and are well-drained. Also, ensure that your plant pit comes with a saucer. These won’t make your floor wet and dirty when water them as all the excess water will get collected in the saucer. But yes, we can’t overlook the fact that sometimes, even the saucers are not enough. The terracotta clay pots are porous. This means that when you water your plants, some excess water may get collected in the saucer but the pot becomes wet and can leave water rings that can rot your floor. But if you use small cork coasters, plastic trays, hanging plants, or lifted metal stands, you can keep your floors dry and clean and of course, your plants will be happy in their favorite pots. 
  • Don’t Drag your Plants
    We completely understand that there can be many reasons why you might think about dragging your plants. It may be because you want to change their location or you have taken up the task of deep cleaning your home and want to clean beneath them also. But we don’t think that you should be dragging them on your tile, hardwood, laminate, or carpet floors as this will result in scuffs, scratches, and stains. Sometimes, it can damage the floor so badly that you may not have any other option than to replace your floor to get rid of the damage. But sometimes, you need to move your heavy plants and there is no way out. In such a case, you can consider asking someone in your family or friends to help you lift it so that you can do what you want to.
  • Don’t Overwater your Plants
    We agree that you want to take care of plants and give them everything they need for their growth. But like excess of everything is dangerous to health, it can be the same for your plants also. It is wrong to think that keeping your plants wet all the time and overwatering them can kill them and your floor too. When you give your plants excess water, the pots and the saucer can overflow onto the floor. Cleaning the water right away or having waterproof floors is the solution to this problem. But sometimes even after your best practices to dry up their floor, water can get stuck in some places and create damaging watermarks. The best thing you can do is not give your plants extra water that they don’t need.

While reading this, the thought of getting a floor that is waterproof or plant-friendly might have run through your mind. If so, Kingdom Flooring & Remodeling is the expert flooring company that you must get in touch with for your needs. We have experienced flooring contractors in Plano TX working with us who will get in touch with you to understand your requirements and provide you with the services that you have been looking for. We will try our best to create a place for you and your plants that is full of light and life.

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