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Here Is Your Guide To Luxury Kitchen Ideas

Here Is Your Guide To Luxury Kitchen Ideas

We understand your living room is the place that you want to remodel first, but what about the room where you all sit together multiple times every day. Yes, we are talking about kitchens. Besides being the center of your home, a kitchen is a room where you get your favorite meal served. That meal and your loved ones are all that you need at that moment. Then why do homeowners think about investing in the kitchen? Well, let us make it clear in the beginning, the kitchen in your abode holds more value than your rooms. Ask any estate agent or a professional home remodeling service, and you’d probably get to hear about transforming your kitchen to attain more bucks.

Talking about kitchens, the cabinetry and the countertop are the two most vital parts. These determine the aesthetics as well as the functionality of your kitchen. From sinks to faucets and from ceiling to lighting, we have got you some stunning kitchen ideas that not only complement the countertop but also make your kitchen look luxurious. However, if you do have a vision and you want to turn it into reality, you can opt for a custom kitchen countertop remodeling service such as Kingdom Flooring & Remodeling to do the job. Let’s get started.

Luxury Countertop and Cabinet Ideas 

Simply imagining these makes you feel those luxurious vibes. Here are these:

  • Countertop & Dark Cabinets: “Dark is the new Bright.” Yes, most homes now have dark cabinetry aligned with white or mild countertops. The refined and inviting look won’t just let your family members stick around, but would also attain appreciation from visitors. Don’t you want your friends to ask how you get this luxurious kitchen? Well, do not only mention the kitchen countertop remodeling service that helped you. We have played a part as well. Pro Tip: Granite is going to give you some seriously elegant natural dark shades. Try a few.
  • Countertop & White Cabinet: Sticking to the dark doesn’t mean that white has nothing to offer. Most home remodeling services prefer white cabinetry over any other type. The reason is the ultimate flexibility that this color offers. From a wide range of design options to an array of shiny handle designs that make it look classic rich, the white cabinet and natural countertop can never go out of trend. No, there is not one ‘white type’ in the market. You do have shades spanning from mild to warm to cold.
  • Natural Stone Countertop: Granite and Marble are two varieties that can be seen in most homes for countertops. Most of us believe these natural stones are a thing of the past now. Interestingly, old styles are making a comeback at this time of the century. We are seeing clothing of old times getting more response from the audience. The same is with this. Natural Stones now have more options to offer than the recent decades had in total. Check these out.
  • Solid Surface: Do you wish to get luxury vibes in a budgeted element? This is possible with solid surface countertops. Made with a blend of synthetic acrylic and polyester, this surface can get a single piece in making to depict a countertop. Plus, you also have the option to integrate slabs into the surface. A kitchen countertop remodeler offers you this idea once you ask about a budgeted option. It gives an appearance similar to quarts.
  • Stainless Steel: There were times when stainless steel countertops were only seen in restaurants. Well, they looked a bit commercial type but they have several advantages. The prime of which is the cleaning aspect of it. These are germ resistant and get cleaned or sanitized rapidly. Once they enter or your home and get the desired look you are wishing, these can offer great value.
  • Quartz: This is a specifically engineered stone product that has gained more popularity than any other countertop in recent times. The main quality of this is the aesthetic aspect. It looks quite beautiful due to the addition of quartz crystals. There are a bunch of colors and styles available in this. With scratch-resistant specialty, this is going to give you some serious luxury vibes if chosen and installed properly with cabinetry.  

Get us On-Board

We, at Kingdom Flooring & Remodeling, offer several services under one roof. Besides being a kitchen remodeler, we are also the leading staircase contractor in the area. Give us an opportunity and we can turn your kitchen into a more luxurious form at reasonable rates.

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