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Create a home remodeling plan with 4 simple steps

Create a home remodeling plan with 4 simple steps

Home remodeling usually involves a lot of time and money and requires multiple steps to be followed. To make sure that the remodeling of your home goes smoothly, it is necessary to establish a well-detailed plan that specifies the time duration and budget for the project. However, the best and safest option is to hire a company that will provide you great home remodeling services that will also include a peculiar design, plan, and budget of your entire home.

If you are looking forward to remodeling your home all by yourself then we bring to you a well-planned home remodeling model that we require a few simple steps. Let us see what they are –

  1. Timeless – An average home may take up to 3-6 months to complete entire home remodeling depending upon your requirements. The duration also depends upon the complexity of the project that you have taken into along with the overall size of the home. If you seek proper home remodeling services with the help of a professional, here is what your ideal home remodeling timeline would look like –

The initial stage of planning might take up to 30 days, further followed by the demolition of the home that would take 2 weeks to complete. Further, the entire electrical and plumbing work along with the HVAC setting of your home can take up to 5 days. If you also wish to get framing of your home done along with drywall, consider it to be a matter of 10 days, again followed by the paintwork of 1 week.

Since home remodeling services also include work like cabinets and fixtures, doors and windows, air vents, and cleaning work, the entire process may take up to 2 weeks. The flooring work may require 1 week, and the final trim and finish work can be completed within another 1 week.

So, if we combine this entire breakdown, the process will require a minimum of 3 months. It may increase up to 6 months depending upon the size of your home.

  • Planning – Since we have been talking about the planning process and its average timeline, it is important to understand that money plays an important role to pay for the project. The scope of your work could be big or small, keeping in mind your budget is essential. Experts suggest keeping the maximum budget in mind and make a point to not go over it. Provided that the actual cost of home remodeling can be immensely different from what you have thought to be, it is recommended to make a thorough list of what all things you need to get done.

You may either do a web search or hire a great home remodeling consultant that would give you an estimate of the average cost of all the services and material required. Besides, you also require a budget for the cost of labor that would go into remodeling your home.

home remodeling

An estimated budget for labor accounting should be at least 20-40% of your entire project. Bear in mind that you do not have to splurge but spend wisely on everything you do to remodel your home.

  • Do-It-Yourself – DIYs play an important role when it comes to deciding your budget. DIYs can help a lot to help you save money and get some work done all by yourself. For example, cabinet, toilet, and wall removal and installation can be done by yourself. Besides, you can even take up painting and tiling as do it yourself projects and they are in fact fun activities to do. However, tasks like plumbing, electrical work, HVAC, and removal/moving of load-bearing walls must be left to professionals.
  1. Hire a PRO – Once you have decided that you require a pro to take up certain tasks, it is now time to hire a great professional to help you remodel your home. See which contractor would help you do the task with ease. The factors that will help you find the right contractor are stated below –
  2. Experience – Having a great experience is what counts the most when you are looking forward to hiring a home remodeling professional
  3. Licensed – Your ideal contractor should be licensed and insured by law
  4. Permit – He should have all the necessary permits to be able to take up the project.

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