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Are you the one looking for what should be done with an old kitchen countertop?

Are you the one looking for what should be done with an old kitchen countertop?

The internet is flooded with countertop remodeling ideas for your kitchen. Yet there remains a fine line between a makeover done by a DIYer and the one carved out by a professional. Often when homeowners come across the old and outdated countertop, there remains a doubt as to whether hiring a professional is right or self-makeover would do. Several questions come up to experts asking for what to do with the kitchens having granite countertops. The answer to this varies and depends on the existing condition of your overall kitchen and not just the granite countertop.

Natural stones can last up to a hundred years. Elements like granite and marble were used because of their strength, durability and the natural texture that they carry. Up until now, granite countertops are widely used around the globe and continue to remain a supreme choice for new modern kitchens. 

If your place is equipped with an old granite or marble kitchen countertop, then you have landed on the right spot. Kingdom Flooring & Remodeling is ready to serve you at any given point. We serve you with the best quality service at economical prices. We hire professionals who take care of your home as theirs and give out advice in your interest. The following section discusses what all is possible with your pre-existing kitchen countertop and goes on to show what’s best suited for you. Here, let’s get started.

4 Things You Can Do With Your Old Kitchen Countertop

  • Calling for an Expert: It all starts with pointing out the problem and attaining a solution for it. Calling a professional kitchen countertop remodeling service adds a feather touch to your imagination. What you think of doing with your kitchen remake is what exactly these enterprises ought to bring in your home. For instance, marble kitchen countertops generally carry a long life expectancy. The only possible reason one can formulate to get rid of it is boredom. Hence, calling an expert from Kingdom Flooring & Remodeling would allow you to have some new ideas for your countertops. 
  • Trashing the old one: Disposing of natural stones isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you are willing to take out the granite countertop, you must keep it aside or sell it to a tradesman. If your slab’s condition is appropriate and well-maintained, there are chances that you may earn a few bucks from it. Also, you must focus on maintaining the marble countertops as it reduces any breakdown coming from a tragic unforeseen incident.
  • Converting it into a New Element: Numerous homeowners have accepted the idea of using their granite stones for renovating other parts of their houses. Quite a few people know what actually can be done with the stone present in kitchen with granite countertop. These can be turned into wall decorative items, flooring, tables, shelves, and even centerpieces. If you are a DIYer, you must have come across such ideas and may have very well executed them. 
  • Trading it for a New One: There is a hundred percent chance that there is one individual or an enterprise that is interested in acquiring your old fancy countertop, especially if they are made of natural stones. Companies offering their remodeling services take up the task of renovating your place and also give out offers on old pieces. Assuming that your marble countertop is well maintained, you can put it up for recycling or can give it to a tradesperson.

Give it an Inspection Beforehand

Everybody loves being a passionate DIYer and carving out new creations from old, weary furniture pieces. Well, remodeling kitchen countertops is not as easy as it seems. The inbuilt sink, cabinets over the slab, and who can forget the lightning over the nose. Several factors hold vitality in shaping your kitchen into something extraordinary. Nowadays, interior designers emphasize on keeping your kitchen at the forefront of your home décor. Therefore, make sure you carry ample knowledge, tons of experience, and a wide vision before taking up the task of changing your kitchen countertop for good.

To conclude: Current times still witness old granite and marble countertops being placed in kitchens. And why not? Nothing can compete for the strength and endurance of a natural stone. If your mind gets deviated and you wish to get a new countertop in place, make sure to give a call or contact the members at Kingdom Flooring & Remodeling.

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