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A Look into The World of Hardwood Floors

A Look into The World of Hardwood Floors

Spend as much as you want on showpieces and deco shelves; your interior isn’t complete without a matching flooring. The hardwood flooring created havoc in demands when these were introduced to the world. Numerous flooring Installations methods are adapted to suit living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices. The focus shifted from expensive panels to contrasting floors. The internet seems to be flooded with ‘flooring installations near me’ searches, which in return derived endless options. Not taking too long, let’s get to the eye-catcher of every modern household – Hardwood Flooring. Surveys depicted that houses with wooden floorings were sold faster and at a higher price. The stats always seem to point towards these floor types, and why not? The public has several reasons to go for it.

Wooden Floors and Their Types:

  • Solid Wood Floors: The species of wood dictates how the solid wood surface appears to the eye. An unfinished floor is generated by applying plank wood or a strip. The surface then requires proper sanding and waxing to get a desirable outcome. Known for their durability, the current type of flooring installation is preferred a lot in households. Multiple sanding during its lifetime gives it the opportunity of rejuvenating itself and looks fresh as new. Clear wood, select wood, and common wood are three grades offered in the market.
  • Engineered Wood Floors: Offered in strips, planks, and tiles form, these kind of wood floors are slightly different from the preceding one. People often confuse these with laminated wood flooring. The former has a thickness varying from 0.6mm to 6mm, while the latter has a paper or a plastic image of wood extract. If you are looking for flooring installations near you, there isn’t anyone better who offers you engineered floors and the necessary personnel to install it. The pre-finished surface can later be sanded and obtain the desired outcome similar to solid wood. The reason why they are preferred over solid ones is the dimensional uniformity, which makes it extremely feasible to install.

Once you find out what type you want, the following decision narrows down to how you want it. A variety of methods are offered as per your requirements. These are namely:

  • Nailing: Using a cleat nailer, the strip, plank, or tile is nailed to the subfloor underneath it. These provide a solid grip and add to the strength of your floor. Being one of the traditional methods, these are most commonly practiced among DIYers and professionals.
  • Stapling: Both solid and engineered wood can be installed using the stapling technique. Combining the pneumatic gun with staples to securely attach the floor with the subfloor gives it a robust foundation.
  • Gluing: To abodes or workshops where there isn’t a subfloor prepared, the gluing method is used. The engineered woods are glued to the concrete by applying glue on it. Adopted recently, the gluing method can be seen practiced at a glass work site where mirrors are stacked to the wall through glue.
  • Floating: An innovation came in the form of floating wooden flooring. Possible only in engineered wood, this method does not support the solid wood floors. The planks remain unattached to the floor and adhered together. They rest on the top pad laid over the subfloor.

Flooring plays a vital role in determining the entire look of your place. It can either enhance or spoil the entire room. Comes the elegance; comes the responsibility of maintaining it. These aren’t cheap and not every day you get flooring done in your house or office. The idea is to put your feet over it until you leave the place.

Points To Remember:

You do not want your newly installed wooden flooring to come in contact with water and dust. Water leakage or seeping could damage your floor in ways you can’t imagine. Drastic things can happen below your feet, and you wouldn’t even know! The dust acts as natural sandpaper when rubbed through shoes or footsteps.

It would be better if you keep your floors dry and vacuum clean it regularly to avoid any casualties. A wet floor doesn’t just harm the wood but also keeps elders and children at risk.

Bottomline The aesthetic and pleasing look that comes along with new flooring is liked by everybody. Analyze the type you need and invest the money in the right supplier.

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