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5 Types Of Remodeling Contractors You Should Know About

5 Types Of Remodeling Contractors You Should Know About

How often do we land on a contractor that doesn’t offer the services we wish to gain? Hiring a contractor only to find out they do not specialize in the things we have hired them for can seriously press some nerves. Apart from being a frustrating task, it counts in the wasted time too. Hence, to hire a residential remodeling service, you should know about the kinds of contractors prevailing in the market. Some do offer custom kitchen cabinets but not the kitchen slabs and vice versa, but both account for kitchen remodeling contractors.

Therefore, to evade the confusion, we have prepared what we call the kinds of contractors you should definitely know about. In general, there are five types, and below is a brief description of each one of these.

Remodeling Contractors 

Pro Tip: To ensure you do not land on the wrong type, you must ask the relevant questions beforehand. Otherwise, you may regret it in the future. Here are 5 kinds of residential remodel contractors:

  1. Turnkey Contractors
  2. Home Additions
  3. Trade Contractors
  4. Residential Remodeling Contractors
  5. Restoration Contractor


These are general contractors and probably occupy most of the space in the pie-chart of contractors available in your area. Such residential remodeling services are great at designing as well as construction. They have the resources regarding staff and corporations needed to build the project. If you wish to delegate all the work to one man, this is where you should contact him.


Home Addition contractors may look like they are a branch of the turnkey contractors but they are slightly different. Not every home addition contractor offers the design. For instance, you may get your custom kitchen cabinets designed by an interior decorator, and further you have to hire these men to complete the job.


These types of contractors focus on small sections in your house. If you have a bathroom to be renovated, you may call them for flooring and another decorator for the wall tiling and stuff. Plumbing contractors, flooring contractors, tiling purposes, and several such specified activities are a part of this. These may cost you a lot less than other giants.


Renowned as bathroom and kitchen contractors, these are in great numbers spread all over the place. You can hand over your rooms to them, and they get it done. They may carry expertise in exterior remodeling or interior remodeling. To know which type you are falling on, you must ask them the relevant questions regarding their services.  


Often we do confuse the words restoration and renovation. Well, they may be used interchangeably in the outside world, but not in that of contractors. The Restoration Contractor is the one that steps inside your home when there happens to be a tragic occurrence. These do not necessarily update your home, but they do restore it to the form they were originally present. And yes, they do have connections with the insurance companies.

The Bottom Line

Hence, if you are on the verge of hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor, stop and ask whether the service provider holds the specialty in designing kitchens or not. Now that you know the kinds available to you, it won’t be a problem hiring any contractor again.

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